Monday, February 2, 2009

Engagement Party

Aren't these cute my talented son Matt designed them then e-mailed them to Mike at our local t-shirt store and he printed them up in four days.  The ED is Emily and Daniel if you didn't guess.  I don't know how practical they are they can sleep in them I guess , I just thought it was a fun idea.
Here is most of the girls.  Oh yea I forgot to tell you she has nine bridesmaids..Oops.  Aren't they knockouts.  And they're sweet ta boot.
This is the floral arrangement I made for her engagement party.  Thanks Ronda for your circle cutter someday maybe I'll find mine.  I use her creative memories scrapbook tools all the time for weddings. Oh and yes I did purchase a set of my own but I think my house ate it I have looked for it for about two years now.  I'm so lucky that I have friends like Ronda and even more lucky because she just moved down the road from me  easier access to her scrapbook supplies.
Again more things that I made my sick husband and my boys haul for me to OKC for the party.
I also made candy martini glasses they were so cute.  I just put pink jelly beans and m&ms in the large martini glasses and made an olive and toothpick out of a green gumball and candy stick they were so cute.. Love it.
Saturday we had Emily and Daniel's engagement party.  Her Bridal Party came up with the Redpin Bowling Lounge.  It was an awesome venue good goin girls.  It's really a restaurant lounge with some bowling alleys.  We had about thirty that got to come and enjoy the fun.  

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