Monday, April 6, 2009


Well as everyone knows Em is a senior this year yeah!!! My mom wanted to see her room and doesn't want to drive to Norman so here I go puttin it on the blog so she can take a peek. That's one of the great things about blogs you can share all your projects with them. As I said Emily is a senior at the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER SOONER). Well this year she moved out of the Kappa house and moved into a house with her seven roomies. Yup that's right seven! Well the house is pretty old and the previous tenants were... oh ya frat boys. When Em first showed me the house it was full of boys and old beer cans and filth. The landlord painted it and cleaned it up the girls have decorated it. It's really cute. Emily's room use to be a kitchen it is very small (8 by 10). We only spent about $200 on the room most of it came from flea markets or grandpa's barn. I think it turned out sweet. Hope you like it mom.
We made this out of a door we found in grandpa's barn covered it with plexi. Tim just built a base out of scrap wood we covered it with left over fabric the blue fabric is the curtain topper that came with her curtains I hate toppers but I thought it just finished off the desk perfectly. Underneath has storage drawers, good use of space.
Emily found this in her grandpa's field. I backed it with scrapbook paper then rubbed glaze over it. I love glaze I put it on everything. Dad screwed it right on wall. I think it turned out so cute.
When Em was shabbing up the door more she carved her and Daniel's initials in it AWW. Well hope you liked the pics. I really loved the way it turned out.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Lynard aka "Lindsay"  has been Emily's friend since 2nd grade she is expecting a baby... so you know what that means baby party!  I'm thinkn  nice food and pettifors in sweet pink since we know it's a girl.  Em's thinkn Mad Hatter, wild colors and not the norm so... what do you see oh ya MAD HATTER!!  I have to say it was fun designing it though.
Don't you just love this cake.  Thank you Merriotts Bakery.  This is the first one they have made.  Not Bad.  I added the cookies they came from Reasors.  Reasors Bakery can do an awesome job I just always call the day before and ask them for fresh baked they smelled so great just made you want to eat them all up.

Emily and Whitney had to stand on the table along time hanging the ceiling decoration I kept changing my mind.  
I think this turned out better than I thought it would just got two bunches of flowers from good ole Reasors and the large mug from my favorite place Hobby Lobby.

Lindsay had a great turn out and got lots of nice gifts.  It was a fun shower and thanks to Emily,
Whitney, Cindy and Ronbon it looked great too!  We can't wait for baby Leighton to come.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Need To Start Getting Busy.

It's been a long time I've been slowly working on Em's wedding. I'll post some stuff soon. I've got lots of good ideas.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Other Sissy

Isn't she precious.  This is Belle and we love her sooo much.  Emily calls her Sister its hilarious when she comes home from school Belle goes crazy.  Matt does this scary voice and says "Cinderella" and she hates it.  Belle is actually Sean's dog he wanted her for an Ag project, little did we know that when our kids started leaving the nest that she would be so important to us.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Engagement Party

Aren't these cute my talented son Matt designed them then e-mailed them to Mike at our local t-shirt store and he printed them up in four days.  The ED is Emily and Daniel if you didn't guess.  I don't know how practical they are they can sleep in them I guess , I just thought it was a fun idea.
Here is most of the girls.  Oh yea I forgot to tell you she has nine bridesmaids..Oops.  Aren't they knockouts.  And they're sweet ta boot.
This is the floral arrangement I made for her engagement party.  Thanks Ronda for your circle cutter someday maybe I'll find mine.  I use her creative memories scrapbook tools all the time for weddings. Oh and yes I did purchase a set of my own but I think my house ate it I have looked for it for about two years now.  I'm so lucky that I have friends like Ronda and even more lucky because she just moved down the road from me  easier access to her scrapbook supplies.
Again more things that I made my sick husband and my boys haul for me to OKC for the party.
I also made candy martini glasses they were so cute.  I just put pink jelly beans and m&ms in the large martini glasses and made an olive and toothpick out of a green gumball and candy stick they were so cute.. Love it.
Saturday we had Emily and Daniel's engagement party.  Her Bridal Party came up with the Redpin Bowling Lounge.  It was an awesome venue good goin girls.  It's really a restaurant lounge with some bowling alleys.  We had about thirty that got to come and enjoy the fun.  

My Most Important Wedding!!!

Yep Yep!!!  It's my daughters.  Emily and Daniel were engaged December 24, 2009.  We are so happy Daniel will make an awesome addition to our family.  The wedding isn't until June of 2010 so that gives us plenty of time to plan a unique and beautiful wedding.  So get ready I've saved some of my best ideas...of course she's my baby.

Here We Go

Well this is the start of our new blog.  We are new to this so bear with us.  We decided to do a blog so we could share some of our past jobs and some of our new ones, so you can get an idea
of how talented we are.  It will probably be a little slow in the beginning until we get comfortable with it.  Sooo hang on and get ready for fun fun fun.